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Re: Signinig up, versions, passing UMOs [was: Passing UMOs]

Anatoly Volynets wrote:
> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
>> I guess I have to come up with exact spec for what "pass" means ;-)
>> There we go.
>> First of all, let me replace word "passed" with word "studied"
>> as I was misusing it most of the time before :( I'll be using word
>> "passed" in a correct sense - "successfully fulfilled all UMO requirements"
>> from now on.
>> 1. As far as explanation is concerned, student has to read it, after he
>> signed
>> up for it. Then it is considered to be studied.  
> It is impossible to control whether it was read or just opened. So,
> would it be reasonable for the student to check an explanation was studied?
Correct, there is no good way to control this, however, if someone goes to
the trouble of just opening it, but not reading it, it's his problem.
Maybe we need to add a "done" button in the end of explanation, just to
make people explicitly claim they have studied the explanation.
>> 2. Problem is "studied" after student attempts to solve it. Solutions can
>> be assigned ratings (depending on problem type, we may provide different
>> algorithms for calculating them), and teacher may set a minimum passing
>> rating.
> OK, this can be set by the Author. Teacher has to have tool to reset it.
Oopsie. I had a typo there. It's should have been

"and author may set a minimum passing rating."
I think all the rating definition/control stuff is author's responsibility, and
teacher controls ratings assigned to specific students when this cannot be done
automatically. I don't see why teacher needs to be able to reset these things.

>> 3. Test is "passed" when student accumulates rating set by author by solving
>> problems within it.
> Same comment as above.
>> 4. Topic is "studied" after student "studied" all required explanations and
>> "studied" all required problems, and "passed" all required sub-topics, and
>> "passed" all tests.
> Same comment.
>> As you may have noticed, I've used word "required" few times above. That
>> means we provide a tool to mark referred UMOs as required to be studied
>> or required to be passed, in order to consider current UMO to be passed.
> Same comment. Please note, you, in fact, propose to start design and
> implementing administrative block and work-flow.
Yes, I know that. It's very simple version though, and is there only to
provide basic framework we can later build on.
> I understand all mentioned above UMOs considered of certain version used
> in this course.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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