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Re: Signinig up, versions, passing UMOs [was: Passing UMOs]

Here is the answer on what term "pass" means in our discussion:

> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>> No, teacher does not control a passing of UMOs. You can check my
>> message:
>> http://www.total-knowledge.com/progs/uu/archive/msg00487.html where I
>> tried to classify a passing requirements for each type of UMO.
> Below is a copy of your post and my comments:
> =========================
> I'm not sure what's final exam. Maybe a new UMO Exam that contains set of
> tests and problems designed by Author specifically for final exams? Or,
> perhaps, Student "passes" a Course if his overall rating(score) is above
> certain level set by Teacher? How do Teachers assign final exams to
> Students?
> Please elaborate on this.
> ANS: This is for Author and/or Teacher to decide ONLY, not for us, not
> for UU. We can think about tools to control "passage" - for Teachers
> ONLY. Earlier we agreed that administrative block is for a next UU
> version. Do we or do we not do it now? Please answer.
> If Author sets
> "passage" rules - they  are in  course text only or  get  work
> automatically - are we ready to implement this? If Teacher sets the
> rules, let him control it manually or using tools we have to come up
> with. Do we want and are we ready to work on them in the current
> version? Please answer.

No, as much as I know, we don't do it now.

> 2. "Passing Topic" diagram
> Topic considered "passed" if (within a given DL)
>   a) All Explanations passed
>   b) All Tests passed
>   c) All Problems passed
>   d) All Dialogs of Texts passed
> 3. "Passing Explanations" diagram
> Explanations considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user view all of
> them in his browser.
> ANS: SEE above comment.
> 4. "Passing Tests" diagram
> Tests considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user solved all problems
> in this Test(submitted solutions to a Teacher)
> 5. "Passing Problems" diagram
> Problems considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user solved all
> problems in the Topic(submitted solutions to a Teacher)
> 6. "Passing Dialogs of Texts" diagram
> Dialogs of Texts considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user view all
> of them in his browser. Not sure if clicking on links to view all the
> dialog arguments should be included in the "passing" requirement.
> ANS: NO NEED to control passage of this UMO at all, even in
> informational sense for a student.
>>> All this discussion sounds like being based on assumption that
>>> teacher controls "passing" an UMO. If so, it is about
>>> administrative tools for teaching. Do we do these? If we do, then
>>> only teacher decides what was passed in which sense. For all other
>>> cases "passing" is for a student only and informational only thing.
>>> He can have it for an UMO regardless version. Having all versions
>>> available the student can look into them if he wants to and decide
>>> whether they are of interest or not.
> --
> Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder
> total-knowledge.com
> culturedialogue.org

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