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Re: Signinig up, versions, passing UMOs [was: Passing UMOs]

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
> No, teacher does not control a passing of UMOs. You can check my
> message:
> http://www.total-knowledge.com/progs/uu/archive/msg00487.html where I
> tried to classify a passing requirements for each type of UMO.

Below is a copy of your post and my comments:

I'm not sure what's final exam. Maybe a new UMO Exam that contains set of
tests and problems designed by Author specifically for final exams? Or,
perhaps, Student "passes" a Course if his overall rating(score) is above
certain level set by Teacher? How do Teachers assign final exams to
Please elaborate on this.

ANS: This is for Author and/or Teacher to decide ONLY, not for us, not
for UU. We can think about tools to control "passage" - for Teachers
ONLY. Earlier we agreed that administrative block is for a next UU
version. Do we or do we not do it now? Please answer. If Author sets
"passage" rules - they  are in  course text only or  get  work
automatically - are we ready to implement this? If Teacher sets the
rules, let him control it manually or using tools we have to come up
with. Do we want and are we ready to work on them in the current
version? Please answer.

2. "Passing Topic" diagram

Topic considered "passed" if (within a given DL)
  a) All Explanations passed
  b) All Tests passed
  c) All Problems passed
  d) All Dialogs of Texts passed


3. "Passing Explanations" diagram

Explanations considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user view all of
them in his browser.

ANS: SEE above comment.

4. "Passing Tests" diagram

Tests considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user solved all problems
in this Test(submitted solutions to a Teacher)


5. "Passing Problems" diagram

Problems considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user solved all
problems in the Topic(submitted solutions to a Teacher)


6. "Passing Dialogs of Texts" diagram

Dialogs of Texts considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user view all
of them in his browser. Not sure if clicking on links to view all the
dialog arguments should be included in the "passing" requirement.

ANS: NO NEED to control passage of this UMO at all, even in
informational sense for a student.

>> All this discussion sounds like being based on assumption that
>> teacher controls "passing" an UMO. If so, it is about
>> administrative tools for teaching. Do we do these? If we do, then
>> only teacher decides what was passed in which sense. For all other
>> cases "passing" is for a student only and informational only thing.
>> He can have it for an UMO regardless version. Having all versions
>> available the student can look into them if he wants to and decide
>> whether they are of interest or not.


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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