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Re: UU pages mock-ups

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
Sergey wrote:
Anatoly Volynets wrote:

Easy: nothing tragic happens (: Repository is the storage where
authors shop for suitable UMOs. That's it! Author's workbench is his
course, period. If he finds something in the Repository he, most
probably edits it, puts it in his course and feels happy.

The question is how does he put it in his course(what if he wants to
add problem to the test that belongs to this TLT(course)?).
How do we know to what course to put an object which user just found
using repository search?
User can only work on one course at a time. This means you keep
current course/topic/etc. being edited in user's session.
User may have bunch of courses, are you going to open a new session for each course? What if user just created new subtopic or test and wants to assign it to couple of his courses? Why would we have a course Repository anyway? Is user going to login each time for each course? Keeping bunch of ids in environment not a very pretty idea, are you going to keep all hierarchy in environment too? What if you want to display the whole tree, for breadcrumbs, for example? Run additional query on View object page? All queries(ideally) should be run and displayed on "Repository_View" template. Consistency is a huge factor when you deal with complicated UIs.

Keep it in the environment while user is searching? What if he visited
other courses/objects before doing an assignment?
Visited - maybe. Edited - no. If he opens another object for editing, he
closes current one.
(This may not be explicitly visible though. We can also keep stack of
open objects, where it is appropriate)
How about  a validation of the assignment? Javascript won't help here,
it will have to be done on the server side then.
What does user do after he edits the object that he just found and
want to assign it to any other object? Probably he sees the link that
goes to exactly the same View All Repository page but with bunch of
checkboxes and smart javascript that will validate assignment.
I don't think that's the best way. He doesn't assign these objects to
something random.
Instead he choses what to assign to first, then chooses what is being
assigned, and then (optionally)
edits it.
Then we got back to where it started.
It's not like Windows folder structure where you can have 2 widows
with folders open and drug and drop whatever you want to where ever
you want.
hmmm.... now, don't start giving me ideas, or I'll make you write it all
as Java applet ;-)
Maybe that's what we should do to realize all that Total Knowledge designed for UU instead of compromising all the time.
What I'm currently trying to do is to somehow emulate user's
experience with folders. Of course it won't be that pretty, but I'll try.
We just need rough page-flow emulation with this. Of course it'll be
prettier and
easier in many ways with code.

Please make it clear if I have to stop doing my design and switch to having "one course per session" design. I don't want to waste my or company time. Thanks.

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