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Re: UU pages mock-ups

Sergey wrote:
I read all you comments, thanks.
At this point I look at our project as UI developer/designer and user experience is my biggest concern. I'll take a closer look at objects creation/editing/viewing pages once you guys satisfied with the whole design in general. I'm working on Repository page right now trying not only present all objects for assignments,

"objects for assignments" - what's this?

but show the whole hierarchy too

what hierarchy? Repository is just a storage place + search engine, there is no hierarchy there.

(which is not easy and UI friendly since it can be huge). Also I make sure that from user point of view on Repository page Course is treated as TLT.

Course is course in as traditional understanding as possible - for end-user

I'll update mock-ups once these features are ready.

Looking forward to it!


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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