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Re: UU pages mock-ups

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
Few notes:
When one opens topic, some explanation should be shown by default.
I think what we'll do, is assign two values to each explanation: difficulty
level, and sequence number.
Now, I think kind of title will not hurt too, so that explanations are not presented by numbers only to a user. There is no basis to pick one or another otherwise or the user is forced to go through all of them, which contradicts the initial idea.
There can be more then one explanation
with same difficulty level. Sequence numbers should be unique within
given difficulty level within given topic. Thus, student can select default
difficulty level (probably on per-course basis), as one of his preferences.
Then, when he opens a topic, an explanation at or below his default
difficulty level with lowest sequence number is displayed.
(I have to add this all to feature spec...)

Again, now I think the list of explanations by titles is to be displayed in each topic, either to the author, or to a student

Catalog organization. I think I wrote that we need to categorize our
and we even came up with categorization parameters.
Please reflect that in your mock-ups.

Now, about your "texts" idea. I think it's possible, we just need to clarify
it a bit. Is "text" a kind of "media object", that can be
How will it show up, how do we version them, how do authors actually
use it?

I am not sure we need it. Every UMO has some body to write into. Topic includes annotation, Problem includes statement, etc.

Repository. In repository, objects themselves are not hierarchical at all.
We can build hierarchy of categories, yes, but not copy it from course
organization. The way your mock-up shows it, it isn't clear if you meant
same thing as I just explained.

Some page-by page questions (if any of these can be answered by
giving me a link to feature-spec section, then just give the link):

What is "References" field?
Why is "Create Topic" there as well? Hint: the fact that Course is
derived from topic should not be visible on UI.

How do you expect to blend different types of problem solvers in a
single page?

What is "generate using 5 random problems" thing?

What is "My co-authors" thing?

Now, common things:
"Click here to assign..." - maybe it does make sense, but I think the other
direction will be more common. I.E. someone will go to some topic, and add
subtopics to it. In most cases, when one will create topic, he'll want to do
something like
Click on add subtopic->edit/save that subtopic, and expect it to be part
of parent topic immediately.
You have similar page flow on "Create Test" page already.

Same with Course. I expect all topics created under a course to show up by titles-links in the course Contents right away. The Contents must look like it usually does, like a tree.

Now, I am comparing "Create" page with specs: Contents is an UMO generic feature and means list of UMOs included in this one. The list is generated automatically (like topics of this course)

References means links to UMOs (sequentially) this UMO included in. For example: Course->Topic for a problem. It is also generated automatically.

Text areas for keywords and objectives must be adjustable, depending on their number. BTW both are optional features.

Work flow is omitted as of today.

In general: what have been done so far is very good for beginning, at the same time there are too many of discrepancies between specs and mock-ups there. I think we need to go through specs little step by little step and put all things into html precisely as they specified.

Once again, I like how it started, let's force it to the end and start C++ work!


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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