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Re: Teachers

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
> I am still not sure what we call "Teacher" in our system. From the very
> beginning line between teacher and author wasn't very well defined.
> My vision of "Teacher" role was pretty much "A person that checks
> students' work, gives feedback, and generally interacts with students
> in supporting manner" - in other words, support role. Probably "Expert"
> role that we mentioned in spec is the same thing. I do not see "Teacher"
> as author in any way. It is certainly possible for "Author" to be a
> "Teacher"
> at the same time, but these are two different roles, and neither implies the
> other.
> Reasoning:
> 1. Simplify access checking
> 2. Teacher doesn't normally need to modify course (in his teacher role).
> If at any point he/she does, it's possible to either create own course based
> on this one, or to talk to original Author and become a Co-author.

There is a question here to be clarified. Teacher, generally speaking,
is a user, who uses an UMO on-line for teaching, no matter what
specifically this means. Probably, this role will become somewhat
considerable after administrative block gets implemented. For now it is
too little what teacher specifically does within uu, but let it be.


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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