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Re: UU pages mock-ups

Sergey wrote:
> You can link, assign objects to each other on Repository page. Quote
> from UU Page flow requirements:
> "This is main repository page. Repository provides tools for creating,
> editing, and linking to shared objects."
This means that when I'm creating a new topic, I can go and browse
repository to assign
problems to this topic. Editing doesn't happen within repository itself.

> There are several(for conveniens) update buttons on Repository page
> that allow user to link objects not only within a group, but for the
> whole Repository.
> My Repository from my, as a developer,  point of view is the ViewAll
> objects page with userId='sergey' parameter. I'm going to use exactly
> the same Repository template from UI and development point of view for
> all other queries that will contain courseId=1, topicId=5,
> problemId=bla-bla etc when user lookups for his objects within a
> course, topic, problem etc. It provides clean design for UI and
> template development in my opinion.
>>> but show the whole hierarchy too
> I have a feeling that contradictory statements are not only the part
> of Total-Knowledge view on learning process.
> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
> Repository. In repository, objects themselves are not hierarchical at
> all.
> We can build hierarchy of categories, yes, but not copy it from course
> organization. The way your mock-up shows it, it isn't clear if you meant
> same thing as I just explained.
> Anatoly Volynets wrote:
> what hierarchy?   Repository is  just a storage place + search engine,
> there is no hierarchy there.
So, where is contradiction? There is no hierarchy of objects (unlike in
course), but there is
hierarchy of categories - for cataloging purposes.
>> what hierarchy?   Repository is  just a storage place + search
>> engine, there is no hierarchy there.
>>> (which is not easy and UI friendly since it can be huge). Also I
>>> make sure that from user point of view on Repository page Course is
>>> treated as TLT.
>> Course is course in as traditional understanding as possible  -  for
>> end-user
>>> I'll update mock-ups once these features are ready.
>> Looking forward to it!
> Probably I'm doing something completely wrong. If yes, please respond
> Thanks,
> Sergey

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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