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Re: User roles and UI

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
>> A student needs to have that choice: either to study with a teacher or
>> on his own. It is different story how to implement the choice.
> I was talking about a class, not a teacher. If we really need to, we may
> implement
> "teacherless class", or something like that. However, I must re-iterate.
> Even now there are UMOs in our systems, that cannot be passed without
> teacher. There will be more in future. If we want to implement teacherless
> classes, we will have to check that only fully automated UMOs are part
> of course such a class is assigned to.

I believe a "teacherless class" may work, although this specific does
not seem to be critical. What looks important to me is to offer such
abilities to users:

1.1. To study with a teacher and
1.2. To study on their own,

and, in other dimension:

2.1. To study courses and
2.2. To study stand alone UMOs from repository.

I believe 1.1. requires 2.1. (but not in opposite direction!), because
it involves administration and, thus, in the future, grades, diplomas, etc.

If in all teacherless cases an UMO to study requires teacher's
intervention we can either notify about this the questioner and refuse
him access to the UMO, or  (preferably) to give him access to the UMO as
a text with teacher related functionality disabled.

>> I think now that Author does not teach as such, not at all. Teacher
>> does. Author does not get submitted info, because the info is submitted
>> to Teacher or to automated course. Or Author can be Teacher by default,
>> but then has to have ability to give it up if he so wishes.
> Good. Finally you heard what I've been saying from day one.

Sorry, I didn't get it then.


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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