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Re: User roles and UI

Anatoly Volynets wrote:
> What that means: someone signs up for a course as a teacher? We never
> gave a thought to this. We need to develop and put this in specs. It
> could mean that an instance of the course is created so that students
> could sign up for studying it with this particular teacher. Or this
> could mean that the teacher is added to the list of teachers associated
> with the course and corresponding DB instruments are created so that
> students could sign up for studies with this or that teacher, or with no
> teachers. Correspondingly groups' or separate students' data cannot be
> accessed by strangers and any teacher, which is not mine (I did not sign
> up to study with him) is a stranger to me. In any case all the data
> related to the student cannot be humanly changed--this is how it ought
> to be.
My original thinking was that a course has set of teachers associated
with it, and all of them have access to relevant students' data, and
so it is course Author's responsibility to chose people he trusts to be
teachers of his course.
Your proposal (at least the way I understand it) is somewhat more
difficult to implement, but in many ways makes more sense.
As far as I understand, you want to introduce a concept of "class".
How about adding this to specs:

- In order to study a course, students have to sign up to one of
classes associated with said course.
- Class is an object that connects course, teachers, and students.
- Each course has a "default class", which has course authors set
as its teachers.
- Any UU user can create a new class in any course.
- Class creator can grant other UU users rights to be a teacher in
this particular class
- Students are presented with a choice which class to sign up for
- Teacher has tools that allow him to control who can sign up for his class
(exception - anyone can sign up for default class)

Additional features for closed server:
Authors has tools to control who can create classes or be teachers for
their course, and tools to charge money for this.

> Regarding mentioned "results". I am still not sure I understand the
> situation you described. Let's say results are fixed by uu and cannot be
> humanly changed once they are submitted. The teacher can only evaluate
> them, that's it. Does this make sense now?
Teacher evaluates results. If you submit a solution, and I want to mess you
up, I become teacher, and quickly go evaluate your problem, and say you
got it all wrong, and give you zero rating.
> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
>> What happens if someone signs up for a course as a teacher
>> and messes up results of people's solutions for human-controlled
>> problems?
>> Or, more precisely, how do you prevent this from happening?

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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