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Re: User roles and UI

I forgot to add a Translator. He potentially can be Student/Author/Teacher
too and other way around.
Per "Database structure requirements" when new user tries to access an UMO:
"If the required ACL entry doesn't exist it is created."
So what entry will be created? Can it be based on user's choice on
registration? If yes, should we have those values saved somewhere in DB or
they will be stored in UUServlet object?

> Also how do you become, for example, an Author or a Teacher if you are
> just a Student? Change your role on "My Account" page or something like
> that?
>> It's not much about this in the specs and I'd like to hear your opinion
>> on
>> how different kinds of users will change their roles in UI.
>> Let's say during a registration user chooses his role from the dropdown:
>> 1. Student
>> 2. Author
>> 3. Teacher.
>> Top and left navigation bars will look exactly the same for all kind of
>> users. If Student, for example, clicks on "Create New Course" link, he
>> will get user-friendly version of "Permission denied" message.
>> 1. Let's say an Author wants to check how his Course looks in Student's
>> eyes. I guess he should either change his role to Student or have an
>> access to his own Course as a Student. It has to be done within one
>> session.
>> 2. Let's say Bill, an Author of Course "A", is a Student for Course "B"
>> and Teacher for Course "C". He should be able to enter each Course with
>> appropriate role within one session.
>> 3. Let's say Bill browses Repository. As an Author he should see
>> editable
>> versions of UMOs and be able to add them to his Course. As a Student and
>> Teacher, he should see "view only" versions of UMO.
>> What the best way to deal with those situations? I have some ideas, but
>> I
>> think it would be more efficient if UU authors speak first, it will help
>> me to move ahead in the right direction from the very beginning.

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