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Re: UU pages mock-ups

From now on, please use this link to access mock-ups:


> Few ideas of mine:
> 1. UU/Author/Home
> 1.1. It makes sense  to  give  a choice to view list of UMOs like in a
> file manager: list  of  top links, or expanded list (similar to what it
> is now), or tree-like. Say:
> My UMOs - the header
> Courses, DoTs, Through Problems, Topics, etc. (links)
> Expanded List (link)
> Tree View (link)

I changes My Objects to My UMOs on Home page. View All under My UMOs is
the link to all user UMOs.
I'm not sure how you want to use Expanded List (link) and Tree View (link)
on the left navigation bar. What if you want to see
Explanations/Tests/Problems view? There is a way to browse UMOs using
horizontal top navigation bar in View My UMOs view. Clicking on the Object
on this bar will show this object relations with other hilighted Objects.
Unclicking hilighted
Object will remove this Object and it's dependencies from the view. Clear
page link clears the page within a view, View All link shows all Objects
within a view(i.e. If you looked at your UMOs, you'll see all _your_ UMOs.
If you were browsing _all_ available UMOs views, you'll see _all_ UMOs).
Please let me know if you have any questions, I know it looks confusing in
mock-ups, but in real site it will look fine.

> 1.2. But then: "My Objects" on the side bar is not needed.


> 1.3. "Create New" must be here only "Create an Independent UMO". Mostly
> it will be not the case: people will create UMOs while doing courses,
> etc., that is a new UMO is automatically linked to a parent UMO it is
> created for (and, of course, it automatically goes to My UMOs list and
> the general Repository).

That's how it will work from now on

> 1.4. What is "View All" - all from the general Repository or all mine?

Explained above

> 1.5. What is My Objects under Repository link? Others' UMOs I like? If
> so, wouldn't it better to call it "Bookmarks" or such like? What is
> Catalog there? Something of "My Searches" type?

My Objects moved up and changed to View All under My UMOs
Catalog is another view on objects with stats, raitings etc...

> 1.6. Why don't we add "Log in as Student" here (similar to "Log in as an
> Author" on the Student home page)? Or how it supposed to work?
> 2. UU/Author/CourseCreate.html
> I don't see any changes since my last visit here
> 3. UU/Student/Home.html
> What is "Course Catalog" there (to compare with Repository, "Courses
> being studied" and "Your current courses")?
> Uh, understood - it is just  special  line  from repository? I am
> thinking, what if take away the term "Repository" from UI? Let it be
> "Catalogs" with all UMOs included, so that an user wouldn't go in
> different places (even on one page) for different UMOs? What do you think?
> 4. UU/Student/Topic.html
> Header "Alternative explanations" feels superficial
> 5.  UU/Student/Problem.html
> "Problem Statement" was meant to be a link? And there supposed to be the
> "Solve", "Next Problem", probably some other links.
> 6. UU/Student/Repository.html
> Headers:
> Topic Repository
>  Problem Repository
>  Explanation Repository
>  Game Repository
>  Exercises Repository - feel superficial. Why don't we make it like:
> Topics
> Problems
> Explanations
> etc.
> 7. A general suggestion: the Page Flow section of the project may
> contain some useful hints.

User can see all his courses on the Home page, once he is studing and once
he is an author of.
Some students pages are available already.
New left navigation bar is on Home page only, I added Catalog links there

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