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Re: UU code

- Why is there UUServlet::doGet?
- You can start removing test output already :)
- If memory serves me right, we don't really need to mangle CSP url names.
  (it's just class names that get all messed up)
- If you are going to implement doPost() by delegating to doGet(), you might
  as well just override service(HttpServletRequest&, HttpServletResponse&)
- There should not be any need to save username and password in session
  (talk to Belkman about authentication with DB, I remember we discussed
   something interesting recently, and he got that to work)

+void LoginServlet::service(HttpServletRequest& request, HttpServletResponse &response) {
+  try{
+    pair<bool, string> p = process(request, response); <<<<<---- Do not return structures.
In case above you are probably better off letting an exception fall through anyways,
and just return false for invalid credentials.

+    bool isSuccess = p.first;
+    string message = p.second;
+    request.setAttribute<string>("Message",message);
+    request.setAttribute<string>("cspRefer", "CspServletthemes_LoginView_csp");
I support this style of setting an attribute, but prefer it not be used.
Use dynamic allocation with boost::shared_ptr. See samples/session/ for example
of how to do it.

+    if(!isSuccess){
+      request.setAttribute<string>("csp", "CspServletthemes_LoginView_csp");
+    } else {
+      // Set session parameters after successfull login
+      request.getSession(true);
+      request.getSession()->setAttribute("login", request.getParameter("login"));
+      request.getSession()->setAttribute("password", request.getParameter("CustPwd"));
+      request.setAttribute<string>("csp", "CspServletthemes_HomeView_csp");
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ replace request.getSession() calls with local variable.
i.e. HttpSession* session = request.getSession(true);

+    }
+  }catch(const exception& ex) {
+    request.setAttribute<string>("error",ex.what());
+  }
+  doGet(request, response); <<<<<<<<<--------------- WHY?

Overall it looks better and better with each iteration.

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
> Attached is trunk0305.diff file with the latest UU code.
> Currently there are 3 working pages:
> Registration: CspServletthemes_RegistrationView_csp
> Login:        CspServletthemes_LoginView_csp
> Home:         CspServletthemes_HomeView_csp
> You can browse them using top header bar, you can try to register, login.
> There is some error handling(stored procedures are not ready yet, I used
> my own queries), some functions will be rewritten later to make them more
> generic.
> There are some short comments in the code. After successful
> login/registration session parameters set to HttpSession, but
> UUServlet::isUserLoggedIn() function is not working properly yet.
> Currently I open DB connection in each Model class operation, it will be
> changed later. Note that DSN string is hardcoded in User.cpp.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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