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Re: UU code

Just remembered. All generated *.cpp servlets in /themes directory should
use UUServlet::doGet() function, not HttpServlet's doGet(). Will fix it in
the next update.

> Attached is trunk0305.diff file with the latest UU code.
> Currently there are 3 working pages:
> Registration: CspServletthemes_RegistrationView_csp
> Login:        CspServletthemes_LoginView_csp
> Home:         CspServletthemes_HomeView_csp
> You can browse them using top header bar, you can try to register, login.
> There is some error handling(stored procedures are not ready yet, I used
> my own queries), some functions will be rewritten later to make them more
> generic.
> There are some short comments in the code. After successful
> login/registration session parameters set to HttpSession, but
> UUServlet::isUserLoggedIn() function is not working properly yet.
> Currently I open DB connection in each Model class operation, it will be
> changed later. Note that DSN string is hardcoded in User.cpp.

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