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Re: UU code

Normally, we should have some Logon screen. The goal of the logon screen with ODBC is to obtain a valid DB connection. As soon as such connection is established, CODBCDatabase::connectionString() method gives you a correct connect string. That string can be passed to your class as regular std::string and used to create a new CODBCDatabase object(s). Alternatively, you can pass CDatabase&.

2007/3/5, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:
Since DB connection/disconnection operations are located in Model classes,
I have a question regarding passing DSN parameters to a Model class.

I have 2 ways to do it:
1. Use ServletConfig parameters from engine.xml and pass them to Model
class from Servlet each time I need to connect to DB.
2. Pass parameters to Model class directly.

I think 2. is the way to go, but don't know how to pass parameters to
model class. Are we going to have some kind of property file to handle
things like that? What's the best way to do it in C++?

Alexey Parshin,

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