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Re: Fresh database schema

1) Use number of fields from the stored proc definition in .sql file. I will update the schema later.
2) City is the city_id from city_list table. You can select the existing city, or create new one with city_create() proc, or I can add a stored proc that does it for you
3) I didn't enforce much of security yet. At the moment, it makes your life easier. It would be tightened pretty soon.

2007/3/5, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:
I started using stored procedures in my code and I have some problems with
First of all, I pulled the latest version of DB *.sql scripts from svn.
In trunk/db/procs/person_list.sql defined person_create procedure which
I'm trying to use for registration functionality.
So here is the list of problems, all imho:

1. Number of fields in person_create does not match number of fields in
person_list table(pl_login, pl_password, pl_preferred_language,
pl_country, pl_state are missing)
2. pl_city field should be varchar, not int.
3. No error handling: I was able to make an insert with empty pl_login field.

Also I see that person_create procedure returns lastval(). Is it possible
to return boolean value based on successful/unsuccessful work of stored

Alexey Parshin,

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