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Re: Database schema

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
> Let's see what things are also editable during translation process.
No no. Not during translation press... Just editable. If one needs to edit
an attribute that isn't translation-specific, whole object needs to be
I don't think we want to implement both per-translation and per-version
so we'll just stick to per-version (no pun intended).
> Here is the page in the mock-ups that more or less demonstrates
> Translator's work:
> http://gateway.total-knowledge.com/~sergey/UU/TopicEditTranslate.html
> Things Translator translates:
> 1. UMO texts, breadcrumbs.
> 2. Custom defined things like Author's and Translator's names, difficulty
> level names(which reminds me that this part is not reflected in the DB, at
> least in the latest vesrion available for me).
> 3. Child UMOs titles(not available in the mock-ups page). To translate
> them Translator jumps to the child UMO, goes to "edit mode" and translates
> their titles.
> Things UU translates(if the language that Translator uses available in UU,
> otherwise it's not translated and displayed in default language):
> 1. "UU titles" - words like "Title", "Authors", etc.
> 2. "Linking bar" - section that helps Authors to link(linkto) UMOs.
> 3. Button names.
> All strings that UU translates will be explicitly retrieved using our
> translation tool.
> So, I'm not sure I understand how this:
>> that translation texts
>> are not
>> the only editable thing.
> can be a problem with locking translations.
> Please elaborate.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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