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Re: Database schema

Yes, I know. That's the disadvantage.
On the other hand they will see changes on the fly. Also, as I understand,
Translators may use not only the original version of UMO(languagewise),
but other available translations to perform their translation.
Another thing is that if we don't implement it the way I suggested, it
means that if somebody is translating an UMO at the moment, neither Author
nor other Translators would be able to access this UMO. That's the
disadvantage too.
That's wierd if I want to change my UMO and can't do it because somebody
is translating it right now.

> Except that there is no guarantee that translator will be translating
> the right thing, if author performs a minor edit, while translator is
> working
> on a text.
> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>> Some thoughts regarding a translation proccess.
>> All translations are minor edits and does not constitute a separate
>> version. It means that Translator's access to the UMO will be locked if
>> Author makes minor changes to it at the same time.
>> I think it's possible to avoid this incovinient situation and let
>> Translators work at the same time with Authors. In order to do it, when
>> "locking" an UMO for edtors work, the UMO language should be considered
>> too.
>> In this case Author and several Translators can do their job at the same
>> time.
>>> There was a bit of confusion as to what this lock is going to affect,
>>> and what its purpose, which we resolved with Alexey on IRC.
>>> To repeat that for benefit of all others:
>>> 1. Purpose of this lock is to avoid two authors modifying same
>>> object at the same time, thus introducing conflicting changes.
>>> 2. Effect of locking UMO is to prevent any other author from
>>> opening said UMO for editing.
>>> 3. Purpose of timeout on the lock is to ensure that object does
>>> not get accidentally locked forever.
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> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
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