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Re: Database schema

I understand we are talking about co-authors and them only. Co-authors
got their authority to edit an UMO. It is different story for anybody
else. If someone wants to fix a mistake regarding this UMO, one can
submit the fix to its author. Generally, I think UMO editing can be
implemented according Open Source idea. An author performs as the
project manager here, that's it.

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> In any case, that timeout idea is incorrect. Only author(s) should
> decide -
> for how long the UMO is locked. If someone locks the UMO and has a
> bunch of
> changes, but it took too long and timeout released the lock, then someone
> else can edit the same UMO. Now, the first editor may ether push the
> changes, overriding the second editor's changes, or he can receive the
> error
> message that he should lock the UMO again and start over. In both cases -
> it's incorrect.
> BTW, I still wanna know - what kind of problem we are trying to solve by
> timeout? If someone locked the UMO, and he is an author - that's his
> god-given right. If it's taking him too long - it's his right to do
> so. If
> he disappeared from the face of Earth - then other author (if any) or
> administrator can release the lock. There could be many reason why the
> editing is delayed, especially if it is a complex UMO, such as
> verification,
> review of the changes by other authors, etc..


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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