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Re: Database schema

There was a bit of confusion as to what this lock is going to affect,
and what its purpose, which we resolved with Alexey on IRC.

To repeat that for benefit of all others:

1. Purpose of this lock is to avoid two authors modifying same
object at the same time, thus introducing conflicting changes.

2. Effect of locking UMO is to prevent any other author from
opening said UMO for editing.

3. Purpose of timeout on the lock is to ensure that object does
not get accidentally locked forever.

Anatoly Volynets wrote:
> I understand we are talking about co-authors and them only. Co-authors
> got their authority to edit an UMO. It is different story for anybody
> else. If someone wants to fix a mistake regarding this UMO, one can
> submit the fix to its author. Generally, I think UMO editing can be
> implemented according Open Source idea. An author performs as the
> project manager here, that's it.
> Alexey Parshin wrote:
>> In any case, that timeout idea is incorrect. Only author(s) should
>> decide -
>> for how long the UMO is locked. If someone locks the UMO and has a
>> bunch of
>> changes, but it took too long and timeout released the lock, then someone
>> else can edit the same UMO. Now, the first editor may ether push the
>> changes, overriding the second editor's changes, or he can receive the
>> error
>> message that he should lock the UMO again and start over. In both cases -
>> it's incorrect.
>> BTW, I still wanna know - what kind of problem we are trying to solve by
>> timeout? If someone locked the UMO, and he is an author - that's his
>> god-given right. If it's taking him too long - it's his right to do
>> so. If
>> he disappeared from the face of Earth - then other author (if any) or
>> administrator can release the lock. There could be many reason why the
>> UMO
>> editing is delayed, especially if it is a complex UMO, such as
>> verification,
>> review of the changes by other authors, etc..

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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