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Re: Database schema

Some thoughts regarding a translation proccess.
All translations are minor edits and does not constitute a separate
version. It means that Translator's access to the UMO will be locked if
Author makes minor changes to it at the same time.
I think it's possible to avoid this incovinient situation and let
Translators work at the same time with Authors. In order to do it, when
"locking" an UMO for edtors work, the UMO language should be considered
In this case Author and several Translators can do their job at the same

> There was a bit of confusion as to what this lock is going to affect,
> and what its purpose, which we resolved with Alexey on IRC.
> To repeat that for benefit of all others:
> 1. Purpose of this lock is to avoid two authors modifying same
> object at the same time, thus introducing conflicting changes.
> 2. Effect of locking UMO is to prevent any other author from
> opening said UMO for editing.
> 3. Purpose of timeout on the lock is to ensure that object does
> not get accidentally locked forever.
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