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Re: Teachers

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
> I agree with the reasoning but I still have a feeling that Teacher in a
> real environment will have to be more than that.
> Let's say Teacher finds a spelling error in the Topic title or one of the
> problem in the Course has wrong solution. Or one of his students easily
> solves all problems and "begs" for something more advanced. Or one of his
> students has a financial background and Teacher wants to give him a
> problem that relates to it.
> What would you do as a teacher? Contact an original author? Send stutends
> to another course or teacher?
Yes and Yes.
> You'd probably fix the spelling error yourself, fix the wrong solution by
> yourself, find the needed problems in the Repository, evaluate them(assign
> difficulty level and rating) and make them a part of the Course that you
> teach.
No. Not in this environment. Remember - in our environment anyone
can become Author, if needed, by creating derivative course. This will
not be needed to often for your cases though, since feedback to authors
will be made really easy.
> I just described an Author behaviour. So, in my understanding from ACL
> point of view:
> Teacher is an Author who has rights to teach.
No. Read what I originally wrote about these two roles.
> Anyways, I've been thinking for quite some time about how different kind
> of users interact between each other in UI, how they change their roles
> and what's the best and easiest way for them to do it. I'm going to open
> new thread "User Roles and UI" soon.
> Community that votes to "kick little bastard ass" is analog of
> recreational users in UU.
> Community that sends bastard to the prison is analog of administrative
> unit in UU(like moderator, admin).
> My view on this matter is simple - let the
> professionals(teachers/counselors in real life, Teachers in UU) do their
> job first. If they don't succeed and the "rating" is still low, remove the
> criminal from the society(downgrade to lower DL/delete UMO in UU by
> Admin).
So, you are proposing to have voting to be restricted only to
>>> As I mentioned in my previous emails, in my opinion a Teacher is the one
>>> who is the most objective in the evaluation of the quality or difficulty
>>> level of an UMO. Let him change the Course he teachs.
>> What happens when there are multiple teachers on one course?
I don't see an answer to this question.
>>> I see. You don't like low ratings. Me neither.
>>> I'm sure that oversensative author hates them too. Why help an ignorant
>>> crowd to bash him and change his creation using their negative
>>> unsophisticated intelligence?
>>> UU should support geniuses, not bring them down.
>>> Yeah.
>> Voting is one of feedback mechanisms. I don't see how low rating of course
>> that targets low-end audience and fails to deliver easy learning curve
>> brings
>> geniuses down...
> I was mostly kidding here.
I know. However there is one important issue your "kidding" brings out:
assumptions are made about UU users (both teachers and students) this
are neither backed by logic nor by facts.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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