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Re: UU code

In PostgreSQL, there is now session variables. Our only possibility is to use temporary table(s). Every database session should start from calling login(username,password) stored proc. After successful authentication the login information is stored and all the stored procs  would use it automatically. This way, we can allow/disallow modifications of data on row level. So, if we manage to keep the database connection after the login page - there is now need for keeping login information. Currently, we can store username and password this way. Let me know if we need more session variables.

2007/3/7, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:

I'm working on authentication functionality and I need your opinion on the
best way to do it. Ilya mentioned(see quote below) that you did something
similar with DB. Can you please share how you made it work?

> - There should not be any need to save username and password in session
>   (talk to Belkman about authentication with DB, I remember we discussed
>    something interesting recently, and he got that to work)
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Alexey Parshin,

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