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Re: UU code

The question now when user gets new session.

1. Does it happen when he closes his browser and opens it again right
away? I guess it depends on session cookie life time.

My opinion - no new session should be generated.

2. Does it happen when he logs out?

My opinion - yes. User may register again or login with another
account(not sure if we are going to allow that)

3. Any other cases when new session generates, except of first visit?

My opinion - no.

Some web applications generate new session when user completes his order,
but I don't think it can be used in UU.

Please share your thoughts.

> That is correct, and that is exactly how it is documented.
> If you look at HttpSession function list, you'll find there is an
> invalidate()
> function though. If you call that, and then call getSession(true), then
> you'll
> get a new session.
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