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Re: Passing UMOs [was: Re:]

Correction, please see below.

>> Which part of "Difficulty level does not affect access to objects in any
>> way"
>> is still unclear?
> It is clear.
> My point is that completing all tasks within a certain DL should give a
> user rights to vote even if there are other "not passed" UMOs that belong
> to different DLs.
> Reason:
> It's DL kind of voting. Users should be able to vote on DL of UMO once
> they passed all requirements for voting on this UMO. For example, after
> taking Test A of DL 2 for Course C, Student should be able to vote on

instead of

> Test A


> Course C(or Topic that Test A belong, if other "tasks" for this Topic

> even if there is a Test B of DL 1 in Course C for which he doesn't
> quilify as a voter.
> Another thing that bothers me a bit is that users have to "pass" _all_
> UMOs to qulify for voting. Maybe something like 70%-80% should be enough.
> Otherwise it's going to be hard to qualify for voting on fairly large
> objects.
>> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>>> I added set of activity diagrams for each UMO type, also new interface
>>> "Voting" added to the Model class diagram.
>>> New uu.xmi is attached. Below my comments on how I view the voting
>>> proccess for each UMO:
>>> 1. "Passing Course" diagram
>>> You can vote a Course after passing all Topics within a Course for
>>> given
>>> Difficulty Level.
>>>>> 2006/12/19, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh <ilya@total-knowledge.com
>>>>> <mailto:ilya@total-knowledge.com>>:
>>>>>     Course can be passed by passing final exam.
>>> I'm not sure what's final exam. Maybe a new UMO Exam that contains set
>>> of
>>> tests and problems designed by Author specifically for final exams? Or,
>>> perhaps, Student "passes" a Course if his overall rating(score) is
>>> above
>>> certain level set by Teacher? How do Teachers assign final exams to
>>> Students?
>>> Please elaborate on this.
>>> 2. "Passing Topic" diagram
>>> Topic considered "passed" if (within a given DL)
>>>   a) All Explanations passed
>>>   b) All Tests passed
>>>   c) All Problems passed
>>>   d) All Dialogs of Texts passed
>>> 3. "Passing Explanations" diagram
>>> Explanations considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user view all
>>> of
>>> them in his browser.
>>> 4. "Passing Tests" diagram
>>> Tests considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user solved all
>>> problems
>>> in this Test(submitted solutions to a Teacher)
>>> 5. "Passing Problems" diagram
>>> Problems considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user solved all
>>> problems in the Topic(submitted solutions to a Teacher)
>>> 6. "Passing Dialogs of Texts" diagram
>>> Dialogs of Texts considered "passed" if (within a given DL) user view
>>> all
>>> of them in his browser. Not sure if clicking on links to view all the
>>> dialog arguments should be included in the "passing" requirement.
>> --
>> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
>> Total Knowledge. CTO
>> http://www.total-knowledge.com

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