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Re: DB structure: Dialog of Texts (DoT)

Alexey Parshin wrote:
Any object that is potentially changeble should have an ACL entry. Someone may want to edit a text.. Adding, deleting texts with DoT may be assumed as
'edit' permission on DoT.

My first answer is "No". I mean, changes to DoT must be matter of policy as ones to courses and other UMOs. Our most general approach is that "Authorship" is the most untouchable, protected, sacred, etc. thing. Thus, one can use, even edit a UMO for ones own purpose, BUT must always attribute it to the original author. Consequentially, nobody can edit MY UMO without my permission! This is a privilege of assigned co-authors (the later can also be general public, if the author so desires).

Cross-reference would be added. I just need to understand, is it like 'Also
take a look at the following texts: {list of texts here}' ..

Not quite. DoT is purposely assembled collection to provoke thinking. This is its main if not the only idea. DoT will probably be used in many other ways when UU goes life, but its fundamental idea is the one: provoke thinking.

2006/10/18, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh <ilya@total-knowledge.com>:

What I mean is that single text within DoT may not actually be separable. I.E. one cannot reference separate text, and thus there is no need to have
separate ACL. Access to whole dialog object applies to separate pieces
of it as well.

Also, important part of DoT functionality is cross-referencing between
How is this reflected in our database schema? (Take a look at Model-layer
to see sketch of what is intended).

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> IMHO, dialog of text logically should be connected to a topic. We do
> need an ACL for the texts, controlling editing, deleting, and MB even
> referencing (for the commercial server).
> 2006/10/18, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh < ilya@total-knowledge.com
> <mailto:ilya@total-knowledge.com>>:
>     - Is dialog_of_texts really course-level thing?
>     Actually this is more of a question to Anatoly. Spec says
>     it's course-level object, but I suspect what is meant is that
>     DoT is at the same level as course (i.e. completely independent)
>     I guess it could be referenced from courses/topics/etc. in same
> way as any other media object.... I think this needs more detailing
>     in specification.
>     - I'm not sure we really need separate ACL for texts_in_dialog
>     Again - needs clarification in spec - i.e. can texts be included
>     in different dialogs without being modified. Is cross-referencing
>     between texts in a dialog actually separate from texts themselves
>     (logically it can be, but does our data structure reflect that at
>     all?)
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