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DB structure: Dialog of Texts (DoT)

- Is dialog_of_texts really course-level thing?
Actually this is more of a question to Anatoly. Spec says
it's course-level object, but I suspect what is meant is that
DoT is at the same level as course (i.e. completely independent)
I guess it could be referenced from courses/topics/etc. in same
way as any other media object.... I think this needs more detailing
in specification.

- I'm not sure we really need separate ACL for texts_in_dialog
Again - needs clarification in spec - i.e. can texts be included
in different dialogs without being modified. Is cross-referencing
between texts in a dialog actually separate from texts themselves
(logically it can be, but does our data structure reflect that at all?)

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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