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Re: DB structure: Dialog of Texts (DoT)

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
- Is dialog_of_texts really course-level thing?
Actually this is more of a question to Anatoly. Spec says
it's course-level object, but I suspect what is meant is that
DoT is at the same level as course (i.e. completely independent)

Yes, it is completely independent. What else could it mean "course level" (am just curious)

I guess it could be referenced from courses/topics/etc. in same
way as any other media object.... I think this needs more detailing
in specification.

Yes, it is totally free to use in any way possible, including references. I do not follow what it means "media object" here. It is my English, probably, let's me down :)

- I'm not sure we really need separate ACL for texts_in_dialog
Again - needs clarification in spec - i.e. can texts be included
in different dialogs without being modified.

Never thought about this possibility. My first answer is "Yes". Remember, first of all, they are excerpts from classical works. DoT is the most free UMO out of all.

 Is cross-referencing
between texts in a dialog actually separate from texts themselves
(logically it can be, but does our data structure reflect that at all?)
Read specs:
Link To (between texts in DoT)
It is an object featuring:
Two linked texts
Their relationship, such as:
Does smth. else

Specs had been well changed here, as I found out. I have to think it over, although, it looks rather reasonable at the first glance.


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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