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Re: UU & Grading

On 04/06/11 18:42, Anatoly Volynets wrote:
> There were some suggestions in specs. Say, popularity of a course
>>> (class) -- among students, employers, professors, expert evaluation,
>>> known outcome, sign up/drop off ratio, etc. We need to set up a flexible
>>> mechanism for ourselves to add/remove such categories.
>> What work flow do you see here? Who, when, and how gives such feedback?
>> How is this feedback limited to avoid skewing?
> I don't know. Wikipedia like?
And, pray, what is it like?
> First of all, that's too limiting. At least that's too limiting, if we
>> really expect university-grade
>> diversity in courses. In reality I hope we'll have higher then that. And
>> in the end it means
>> there will be many people who have both something to learn and something
>> to teach
>> at the same time.
> Then we need to do something really special for classes engaged in
> official grading, diplomas, etc. This do not fit into "all open model"
> This problem is ubiquitous today. Teachers do not know where student's
> essays came from: maybe where just copied from the web. Wireless
> communication devices make cheating as easy as plain talking, and so
> forth. We build educational environment for those who wants to teach and
> study. For those who seek and give official grades the discussed
> problems have no solution today.
> Actually, if a student takes a class with grading he may be restricted
> to use the same course as an author. The restriction is not necessary in
> all other cases.
Well, we could say there is no point in trying to solve this at all then.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh

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