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Re: Counting money

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> We may have an optional accounts created by request, or created by the
> payment rule. The UMO may get an account if the payment rule is
> defined AND
> it isn't free.

Sounds reasonable.

> The course account then may be transformed into topic
> account.

What does this mean?

> This requires some discussion. A free UMO, in my understanding, is
> an UMO w/o payment rules, or with payment rule defining zero price.

I guess it is  "w/o" so  that not to waste resources to create countless

> Also, a UMO may define a price, but since it includes other UMOs, we
> need a
> distribution schema to propagate payments down the structure..

As of now (my first impression) it makes sense to leave the choice (and
correspondingly, to provide tools for) with the author

> An alternative schema is: when UMO is included into something else, a
> payment (if required) is transfered to that UMO's author account. The
> payment may also allow the limited-time usage.
> Now, the interesting part: if the particular UMO includes other UMOs -
> do we
> go through all the UMOs down the structure and pay for every included
> UMO,
> or only for the top-level?

I think it is for the author to decide (if we can implement it)


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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