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Re: Counting money

Once and for all: gentlemen, please: Closed sever goes vs. Open server.
It is NOT about money, it is about UMO usage.

An author at the Closed server CAN give his courses and other UMOs for
free as beer, but he controls this. Nobody can copy and use his UMOs for
free as freedom.

Regarding what an author is paid for: it can be any UMO.  The author
have to have a tool to monitor what brings him what.

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> Since we gonna have a money traffic (well, at least for closed
> server), we
> need to define - what are the possible sources and destinations of these
> money.
> I can think of few sources:
> 1) Students are paying for class:
>  source: a student, destination: a class account
> 2) Teachers are paid for teaching:
>  source: a class account, destination: a teacher
> 3) Authors are paid for the authorship:
>  source: a class account, destination: an author
> How does that sounds for you? This creates an entity 'account'..


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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