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Re: UU Courses and classes

We are back to the same question. What is correct:

1) We have a single admin group for a TLT


2) Every UMO may have admin group


2007/5/15, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh < ilya@total-knowledge.com>:
Hmm.. There are two different things here. One is Group Admin - i.e. the
that can manage group itself, and another one is UMO admin - it is
to change certain UMO properties (i.e. grant permissions to UMO to
certain groups,
or set auto-granting rules). Initially I thought the second one, in
regards to course
would be equivalent to "Edit/Publish" permissions, but you are right,
this is stupid.
Let's create a new permission for that, and make it separate. In that
case course
admin and course editor do not have to be related.

So, to summarize:
at UMO creation time following groups are automatically created, and creator
is made member of:
- UMO admins
- UMO editors

At UMO linking time, if parent UMO author  is also child UMO admin,
he is offered a possibility to auto-add all parent UMO admins to child
UMO admin group
and all parent UMO editors to child UMO editors (these are two separate

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> I think we have to add 'ADMIN' permission type. I then can add the
> procs to manage admin to group relationships. It may be useful for any
> group.
> 2007/5/15, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh < ilya@total-knowledge.com
> <mailto:ilya@total-knowledge.com>>:
>     Alexey Parshin wrote:
>     > This 'COURSE ADMINS' group - is the only question. I understood that
>     > it should include all the authors of any UMO within TLT tree. Is
>     that
>     > true?
>     No. That is the slight change from requirements I meant.
>     - Course admin group is created when the course is created.
>     - Course admin group contains the course creator initially
>     - Course creator can add other people to the course admin
>         group later, and then they'll be able to work on the course,
>         and become actual co-authors.
>     - Any of admins can remove other admins
>     As a bit of extra functionality, when an object one owns (has admin
>     rights to)
>     is added to the course, the person adding it should be able to say
>     "add
>     all course
>     admins to this object", so that when multiple people work on a course,
>     they can
>     all work on each-other's objects.
> Does it mean that we gonna have admin group on the level of UMO, not
> just TLT?
>     I think we need Anatoly to look over this, and tell us if this makes
>     sense from
>     user perspective.
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> Alexey Parshin,
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