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Re: UU Courses and classes

Hmm.. There are two different things here. One is Group Admin - i.e. the person that can manage group itself, and another one is UMO admin - it is permission to change certain UMO properties (i.e. grant permissions to UMO to certain groups, or set auto-granting rules). Initially I thought the second one, in regards to course would be equivalent to "Edit/Publish" permissions, but you are right, this is stupid. Let's create a new permission for that, and make it separate. In that case course
admin and course editor do not have to be related.

So, to summarize:
at UMO creation time following groups are automatically created, and creator
is made member of:
- UMO admins
- UMO editors

At UMO linking time, if parent UMO author  is also child UMO admin,
he is offered a possibility to auto-add all parent UMO admins to child UMO admin group and all parent UMO editors to child UMO editors (these are two separate options).

Alexey Parshin wrote:
I think we have to add 'ADMIN' permission type. I then can add the procs to manage admin to group relationships. It may be useful for any group.

2007/5/15, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh < ilya@total-knowledge.com <mailto:ilya@total-knowledge.com>>:

    Alexey Parshin wrote:
    > This 'COURSE ADMINS' group - is the only question. I understood that
    > it should include all the authors of any UMO within TLT tree. Is
    > true?
    No. That is the slight change from requirements I meant.
    - Course admin group is created when the course is created.
    - Course admin group contains the course creator initially
    - Course creator can add other people to the course admin
        group later, and then they'll be able to work on the course,
        and become actual co-authors.
    - Any of admins can remove other admins

    As a bit of extra functionality, when an object one owns (has admin
    rights to)
    is added to the course, the person adding it should be able to say
    all course
    admins to this object", so that when multiple people work on a course,
    they can
    all work on each-other's objects.

Does it mean that we gonna have admin group on the level of UMO, not just TLT?

    I think we need Anatoly to look over this, and tell us if this makes
    sense from
    user perspective.

    Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
    Total Knowledge. CTO

Alexey Parshin,

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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