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Re: Implementing "Create Explanation"

I am thinking in terms of functionality, UI, ideology, but not classes,
objects, db structure here. Course as such for students and authors has
to be presented. How it is implemented in object design and db is
different story and is not my subject. I am not involved in engineering,
just make occasional remarks, so those issues you discuss in between
engineers. When it comes to ideology (where explanations are, and what
they are, and how, etc.), please don't forget about me (:

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> 2007/5/1, Anatoly Volynets <av@total-knowledge.com>:
>> Right, Explanations can be of different dif. level within a topic and
>> this can be changed by the author. I don't remember what we stopped at
>> in this discussion, meaning that there can be yet another dif. level,
>> which is voted. These two dif. levels must not be tied. Actually, I
>> wrote few times about the issue and want it be taken into consideration.
>> Also, the same explanation cannot be used in another topic of the same
>> course, this wouldn't make any sense.
> I thought - we replaced the course idea with user group. At the very
> least,
> I can make a unique index for the TLT and explanation id to enforce your
> latest requirement.


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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