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Re: Implementing "Create Explanation"

2007/5/1, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:
Question regarding explanation_attach_to_topic() stored procedure.
It gets sequence_number as a parameter, I think this number should be
created internally based on current number of explanations for this topic.

Doable, would be implemented as soon as I finish the UMO procs templating.

Imho, topic_modify() should get this sequence number as a parameter.

Do you mean - explanation_modify()?

will allow authors to change the order in which explanations will be
displayed to students on topic view page. We are going to need stored
procedures for sorting the content(child UMO-wise) of each UMO anyways.

You're switching from explanation to content. Please, clarify.

Alexey Parshin,

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