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Re: Implementing "Create Explanation"

> Right, Explanations can be of different dif. level within a topic and
> this can be changed by the author. I don't remember what we stopped at
> in this discussion, meaning that there can be yet another dif. level,
> which is voted. These two dif. levels must not be tied. Actually, I
> wrote few times about the issue and want it be taken into consideration.
> Also, the same explanation cannot be used in another topic of the same
> course, this wouldn't make any sense.

I don't think we should stop authors from using the same explanation for
several topics within a course.
For example, author may want to use explanation "Trigonometric functions"
created by one of the co-authors of this course for his topics
"Trigonometry" and "Calculus". And it may have different level of
difficulty in those topics, b/c it's relative to the explanations that
already exist in mentioned above topics.
Two topics with the same content wouldn't make any sense within one course.

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