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Re: UU code

I have my code working with CODBCDatabase and I'm trying to change it to
CDatabase as you suggested.
I can't create objects using keyword 'new' with sptk::CDatabase, what's
the right way to create new connection?
Also CDatabase does not have active() method implemented, but I use it in
my DB pool, what should I do?


> 2) We should never use CODBCDatabase in our code besides creating the
> connection object. Any code that needs a database object should use
> CDatabase. That allows us to change a single line of code if we need to
> switch to totally different database driver. SPTK allows to create a
> database driver for anything that supports basic database functions. If we
> don't like Postgres ODBC driver, for instance, we can create
> CPostgresDatabase class, and replace:
> CDatabase* db;
> ...
> db = new CODBCDatabase("DSN=.....");
> with
> db = new CPostgresDatabase(".....");
> It would not require any corrections in C++ code besides the difference in
> SQL syntax.
> --
> Alexey Parshin,
> http://www.sptk.net

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