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Re: Db pool [was: My little comments to CPP code]

>> It's a servlet that is used for creating the instance of the pool and
>> saving  a pointer to it in ServletContext.
>> Here is how it may look like:
>> void InitServlet::init()
>> {
>>   string numCon =
>> getServletConfig().getInitParameter("num_connections");
>>   ServletContext& ctx = getServletConfig().getServletContext();
>>   uuDBPool* pool = new uuDBPool(numCon);
>>   ctx.setAttribute<uuDBPool*>("uu_pool", pool);
>> }
>> Perhaps I'm going to add InitServlet::destroy() to release all resources
>> and close all connections in the pool.
> How about using UUServlet for that purpose?

There is a downside in overriding init() in UuServlet. It will be called
as many times as number of servlets that we have in our application. I
understand that UuDbPool() will be created only at the very first time,
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