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Re: Db pool [was: My little comments to CPP code]

OK. I was hoping we are over that stage of childhood, when
we start writing code before we know what we want to achieve...

Database connection pool is a system that allows one to keep
multiple connections open, and reuse them as they are needed.
Primary reason for doing this, usually is related to performance
(it is assumed that establishing connection to database is more
expensive then keeping it open).

Before you continue with this, I want a design spec for our DB pool.
It should address at least following issues:
- What is our pool responsible for.
- What pooling strategies we want to support (and why)
- How will pooling and HTTP request object lifetimes will interoperate
- What will API will look like
- Provide few use cases relevant for our application

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
> Ilya,
> Without looking at the dictionary:
> 1. swimming pool
> 2. pool as a billiard
> That's it. It doesn't help me with understanding what DB pool is though.
> In this context I understand it more as a queue. I asked questions on
> forums that you suggested, but the only thing I got from it is spam on my
> total-knowledge account.
>> Sergey,
>> How do you understand word "pool"?
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