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Re: Db pool [was: My little comments to CPP code]

Forgot to add, see below...

>>> Whenever we call libdm class from servlet it will open DB connection
>>> and
>>> login() stored procedure will be called, b/c libdm classes get uudb&
>>> handle as as an argument to constructor.
>>> After job for this servlet is done, the ~uudb() will close DB
>>> connection
>>> and call logout() stored procedure.
>> So, what if you have two model-layer classes, that need to perform some
>> related actions on single database connection during single request?
> If I implement EnvironmentSetupServlet the way I described above, it won't
> be a problem, since
> 1. Connection will be opened in this servlet init() time.

uuDBPool::getConnection() will be called.

> 2. Servlet' service() will pass DB handle to as many model-layer classes
> as needed.
> 3. Connection will be closed in this servlet destroy() time.

uuDBPool::releaseConnection() will be called.

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