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Re: Database schema

>> I can call a servlet on background
> This is the thing that troubles me. There is no easy portable secure way
> to do this, plus it won't work with high-security settings on most
> browsers.

True. It's not worth the trouble.
Well, if we had a session IDs in DB as I suggested many times already, we
could check in DB if there is a "locked" UMO for sessionId that already
ended. Then we could easily unlock it. A trigger could do the job.

>> (maybe "invisible"
>> popup window will be needed that will be servlet too) and use this
>> function to check if "EditorTimeout" exists for this UMO(UMO id will be
>> the cookie value).
>> If not exist, I'm sure there will be a way to update the DB from the
>> "invisible" popup servlet. After job is done helper popup is killed.
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