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Re: Database schema

> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>>>> 3. Author closes his browser.
>>> Cannot handle this.
>> I think it's possible. Here is the scenario:
>> 1. Set cookie "EditorTimeout" to the user's browser once he starts
>> object
>> editing with expiration interval = "the value that UU or admin sets for
>> lock timeouts". Use UMO attributes in cookie value.
>> 2. Catch "close browser" event using javascript and delete
>> "EditorTimeout"
>> cookie from the browser.
>> 3. Check if "EditorTimeout" exists for this UMO.
>> 4. If not, update the DB for this UMO to make it available(if in DB it's
>> still marked as locked).
> And how exactly does transition from 3 to 4 happen?

CPPServ has getCookie(cookieName) function. When user closes his browser
during a "lock" time, I can call a servlet on background(maybe "invisible"
popup window will be needed that will be servlet too) and use this
function to check if "EditorTimeout" exists for this UMO(UMO id will be
the cookie value).
If not exist, I'm sure there will be a way to update the DB from the
"invisible" popup servlet. After job is done helper popup is killed.

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