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Re: keywords

Here are my conclusions:

1) It is author's duty to maintain these keywords especially if object has multiple versions. As far as I understand, the small number of keywords isn't sufficient, and the large number is impossible to maintain.
2) If the keywords are not taken from the text or something displayed along with the text - they don't associate with the object as possible search conditions.

1) We don't need an artificial set of keywords that are not a part of the object.
2) Keywords should be generated automatically from the object text.
3) If author needs something that associates an object or its part with keywords, the author should provide a short description of the object or its part in the object text.
4) Auto-generation should happen automatically after any object content modification. Keywords themselves are not humanly editable.

If we implement keywords this way, it would be zero efforts to maintain these keywords, and no logical inconsistencies when a set of keywords doesn't match the object content.

2006/11/15, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:

> 5. What if UU creates its own keyword list, asks the author to edit it
> and does not let it go, until the author adds at least one word not
> listed?
> 6. Shouldn't the keyword list to be structured in some way?
> 7. How keyword lists are updated? Depending on events in each category
> the UMO belongs to? This does bring in the idea of structured keyword
> list.

Regarding structuring.

1. Automaticaly generated keywords for the current UMO.
2. All "current UMO"'s children UMOs keywords(if any)
3. Author's custom keywords(if any)

From UI point of view, all keywords will be displayed in the same text
area Keywords.
From DB point of view, it's up to Alexey to deside. Here is my humble
We may add keywords field to every *_content table where we may store
author's custom keywords, automaticaly generated keywords will be stored
in keywords_list table. This will allow keywords to be part of the UMO

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