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People, it is involving! Below is our short conversation with Alexey and some of my ideas, outlined:

1. Thus far, UU generates a list of keywords for selected UMOs from "their texts". Namely, it takes all of words used by the UMO author, except for baned 100 or so + "headers" used in the UMO ("Explanation" "Level 3" "<Topic Title>", etc.), and makes the list automatically - Alexey's idea, if I grasped it correctly.

2. Specs declare "Keywords" to be a general mandatory property for ANY UMO (not selected ones) and, therefore it is supposed to be a property of the Base Object, and thus the Author has to supply at least one keyword at the time of creation, or else UU will not create it. Without too much thought put in, I believe, a human can always come up with some word, essential for the UMO created, even though the word is not used in the texts or headers. Thus I want to ask for this word. Am I wrong?

3. The list of keywords, in my opinion, has to be editable by the UMO author and UU can make some hints, based on statistics and other ideas (what statistics, what ideas?).

4. We do not have at all a property like "Subject" (Carpentry, Math, Poetry...) , which can or cannot coincide with an UMO title. So the question is, how at all categorization for searching happens.

5. What if UU creates its own keyword list, asks the author to edit it and does not let it go, until the author adds at least one word not listed?

6. Shouldn't the keyword list to be structured in some way?

7. How keyword lists are updated? Depending on events in each category the UMO belongs to? This does bring in the idea of structured keyword list.

8. Your question:.?


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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