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Re: keywords

My thought is that we can combine both ideas.

1. When user creates new UMO he is not obligated to provide any
keywords(as it is now in html mock-ups). I think is slightly user
2. Keywords are generated during UMO creation using Alexey's idea(we may
add checkbox "Generate keywords automaticaly" near Keywords text area). If
user _did_ provide his own keyword during creation of UMO, it will be
added to automaticaly generated keywords list.
3. Keywords should be editable imho, otherwise it will be user unfriendly.

> People, it is involving! Below is our short conversation with Alexey and
> some of my ideas, outlined:
> 1. Thus far, UU generates a list of keywords for selected UMOs from
> "their texts".  Namely, it takes  all of words used by the UMO author,
> except for baned 100 or so + "headers" used in the UMO ("Explanation"
> "Level 3" "<Topic Title>", etc.), and makes the list automatically -
> Alexey's idea, if I grasped it correctly.
> 2. Specs declare "Keywords" to be a general mandatory property for ANY
> UMO (not selected ones) and, therefore it is supposed to be a property
> of the Base Object, and thus the Author has to supply at least one
> keyword at the time of creation, or else UU will not create it. Without
> too much thought put in, I believe, a human can always come up with some
> word, essential for the UMO created, even though the word is not used in
> the texts or headers. Thus I want to ask for this word. Am I wrong?
> 3. The list of keywords, in my opinion, has to be editable by the UMO
> author and UU can make some hints, based on statistics and other ideas
> (what statistics, what ideas?).
> 4. We do not have at all a property like "Subject" (Carpentry, Math,
> Poetry...) , which can or cannot coincide with an UMO title. So the
> question is, how at all categorization for searching happens.
> 5. What if UU creates its own keyword list, asks the author to edit it
> and does not let it go, until the author adds at least one word not
> listed?
> 6. Shouldn't the keyword list to be structured in some way?
> 7. How keyword lists are updated? Depending on events in each category
> the UMO belongs to? This does bring in the idea of structured keyword
> list.
> 8. Your question:.?
> --
> Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder
> total-knowledge.com
> culturedialogue.org

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