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Re: Signing up for course

See notes below.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
> OK. Here is the course sign-up work flow as I see it.
> Comments are welcome.
> 1. Student is presented with UMO View" page
> 2. If he is not signed up already, and is not in one of the
> manager/editor groups,
>      sign up button is displayed

There is probably a situation there when a student wants to study the
same UMO in different classes. Thus "sign up" button can be always presented

> 3. Sign up button presents student with list of public classes (do we have a
>     concept of private classes?) connected to the course.

Am not sure, but private classes seems to be suitable, for a class can
be a pure business. Anyway, restrictions for sign up must be allowed for
different reasons like class overfilled.

> 4. Student finds a suitable class, and signs up to it.
> Questions:
> - Should we skip class list page, if there is only a default class?

The default class? I think the answer for list is 'yes' or we need to
display a special comment like: There is only default class for this UMO
here. You can sign up for it. This means you are going to study on your own.

> - How should we display the default class in the listing, to make
>   it clear to the potential student what it is

"Study on your own"

> - Do we need "unlistable" classes (presuming teacher of such class
>   will give some sort of reference to it to his target students in other
>   ways) 

Isn't it the same question as about private classes? I think options for
a teacher can be as follows:
A) To present class for public sign up
B) To present class as existing, but closed for sign up (this feature
must be controlled by app for not to be used as a commercial trick)
C) To hide class from public, but yes -- to give authorized students
some kind of key access

> - What info will be useful to the student on the class listing page?

a) UMO description by the teacher (can differ from that of the author),
b) Conditions for sign up
c) Teacher's notes for
d) Probably, feedback references from those who studied this class
e) ...

> Alexey Parshin wrote:
>> IIRC, students don't sign up for the course but they subscribe for the class
>> connected to the course. Class is connected to several groups through ACL.
>> The simplest way to signup one for the course is to include that person into
>> course group with study permissions. When class is created, the default
>> student group is created as a part of that process.
>> The id of that group is returned by class_students_group_id( class_id ).
>> References:
>> course_class/*.sql
>> study_course/*.sql
>> Alexey
>> 2009/5/20 Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh <ilya@total-knowledge.com>
>>> Which DB function is currently intended for that purpose?
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