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Re: UMO Edit screenshot, take two

2008/9/6 Anatoly Volynets <av@total-knowledge.com>

>> Anatoly Volynets wrote:
>>> Below is the same message as the previous one with few corrections.
>>> The UI presented looks like if we agreed that _any_ UMO can have as a
>>> child and be a child of _any_ UMO. For example a Problem can have a
>>> Course child. I conclude this because example presented contains DOT
>>> (Dialogue of Texts) as a child of Topic, while there initially were 3
>>> top level UMOs: Course, DOT and Through Problem. I don't actually mind,
>>> but am not sure that was meant to be so from technical point of view.
> Not exactly. The screen shows Edit UMO, and presents all the children that
> exist for this UMO. The attaching UMO is a diffrent story and would depend
> on UMO type. It would be added on this screen on the next iteration, and
> would not allow to attach incorrect UMO types. And DOT is another story
> because they contain references not children :)

What is "attaching UMO"? Is there any on the screen presented?

By 'attaching' I mean connecting already existing UMO as a child. The problem is - we need to find an existing UMO and then attach it to current. For this I'm planning to use a 'UMO Search' (not yet implemented) with a set of different criterias such as keywords, dates, authors, etc). It is necessary since we expect a pretty larg number of UMOs in the system.
It seems preferable to add UMO type in its name field instead of general
column titles. The reason #1: if there are a lot of children of one type
the type is missing and forces a viewer to run up to verify the type.
The reason #2: other titles are obvious, so the entire "Title line" just
fills some space in the end.

I'm not sure I understand you correctly. Currently, the generic words (topic,explanation,problem,..) are only used (on this screen) once - in the list header for the correcsponding group, like:

My topic titile one       Topic text fragment....
My topic titile two       Topic text fragment....
It looks like you want to see instead:

Topic: My topic titile one       Topic text fragment....
Topic: My topic titile two       Topic text fragment....

.. that is (in my point) less elegant. Is it what you want, do I understand you correctly?

BTW, "Edit UMO" is quite functional as "Edit" in my view.
Alexey Parshin,

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