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Re: Yet another idea

Alexey Parshin wrote:
Topic is a UMO, with a name, type, and title. Any other fields are not
essintial for this example. topics is ether std::vector<CUMO> as in
current approach, or CRecordSet<CUmo> as I propose to do it.
In that case, CRecordSet class should implement forEach() method.

There is an interesting flaw that my current idea doesn't cover yet.
forEach() works ideally for one-level loops, such as a recordset
converted to some html. However, it doesn't yet provide the method for
embedded loops.
Aha. Now I understand somewhat better what you meant, and like it far more :)
Re: embedded loops, we can either solve it by making a complex ways of
defining which substitutions cause calls to sub-objects forEach(), or just by going
back to good old C++ iterators, in those rare cases that need it.

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