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Re: Next Layer for web apps on top of CPPSERV

Tommi Mäkitalo wrote:

>Am Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2006 20:15 schrieb Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh:
>>Finally, TNTNET is also licenced under GPL, so it is question for Tommi, if
>>he wants to do something about it.
>Yes Tntnet is GPL. And I'm the copyright-owner, so I can change it. But I 
>won't do that, if I don't see any advantage.
Well, the problem here is that as far as I understand GPL, noone can write
non-GPL applications using tntnet. If it were released as LGPL (or at least
the library part of it), commercial users could take advantage of it.

Also, it isn't clear what licence applies to the code generated with your
template pre-processor.

>I have followed CPPSERV for some time now and until now I haven't seen 
>anything Tntnet would gain when cooperate with CPPSERV. I feel, that Tntnet 
>can do anything CPPSERV can, but I'm open to new ideas. (Ok - I know - 
>CPPSERV is not bound to http, but as far as I see for know there is no 
>alternative available)
CPPSERV is different approach to similar problem. Your goal was
C++ -based application server. Our goal was C++ replacement for
Java Servlet API. I want to be able to convince hard-core Java lovers
to use C++.

As for cooperation - I don't think there can be much code sharing
between tntnet and CPPSERV - because of the difference in approach.
However, the framework that we are building on top of CPPSERV may
very well be portable.

>I would really like to hear, what's the point with CPPSERV. Tntnet has a very 
>powerful multithreaded architecture and is very well tested. CPPSERV is at 
>version 0.0.6 since about 6 months. Where do you want to go?
It is true that there wasn't all that much time for development
in past few months. I'm still adding critical features - like file uploads.
Once I get some free time, it'll take few weeks to bring it to 0.99

>Don't understand me wrong. I would really love to see more c++ and I would 
>like to see the best possible servlet-engine for c++. And if CPPSERV has 
>something to offer for the c++-world that's great.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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