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Re: Next Layer for web apps on top of CPPSERV

Am Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2006 20:15 schrieb Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh:
> Finally, TNTNET is also licenced under GPL, so it is question for Tommi, if
> he wants to do something about it.
Yes Tntnet is GPL. And I'm the copyright-owner, so I can change it. But I 
won't do that, if I don't see any advantage.

I have followed CPPSERV for some time now and until now I haven't seen 
anything Tntnet would gain when cooperate with CPPSERV. I feel, that Tntnet 
can do anything CPPSERV can, but I'm open to new ideas. (Ok - I know - 
CPPSERV is not bound to http, but as far as I see for know there is no 
alternative available)

I would really like to hear, what's the point with CPPSERV. Tntnet has a very 
powerful multithreaded architecture and is very well tested. CPPSERV is at 
version 0.0.6 since about 6 months. Where do you want to go?

Don't understand me wrong. I would really love to see more c++ and I would 
like to see the best possible servlet-engine for c++. And if CPPSERV has 
something to offer for the c++-world that's great.


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